Saturday Astro-light Harvest

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Saturday Astro-light Harvest

Post  Planes on Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:26 am

Destroyer Lord, MSS, Semp Weave, Orb. 190
Locked Warlord Trait: Fires of Heaven (each shooting phase choose a vehicle or artillery to get +1 str on a gun for that phase)

Flayed Ones x10, Flensing. 140

Warriors x10, Ghost Ark. 245

Tesla Immortals x10, Night Scythe. 270

Triarch Stalker, Heavy Gauss. 165

Fast Attack:
Charnel Scarabs x5. 100

Charnel Scarabs x3. 60

Heavy Support:
Spyders x3. 150

Annihilation Barge. 90

Annihilation Barge. 90

Comp: 16/20
-1 3rd HS
-1 Duplicate HS
-1 more than 300pts HS (330 points)
-1 more than 150pts DT

I use every part of the Space Buffalo.
Lord of Titan

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