Dark Draconic Harvest

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Dark Draconic Harvest

Post  Planes on Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:07 am

Assuming there is a slot open when I get down there this morning, this is the list I'm going to run, for painted-ness.

Destroyer Lord, Scarabs, Semp Weave. 160 pts

Maynarkh Overlord, Scarabs, Phase Shifter, Warscythe, Res Orb, Command Barge, Gauss Cannon. 270 pts
Warlord Trait: Fire of the Heavens -- Each Shooting phase the controlling player may select a single Necron model in the same primary detachment as the Warlord that has either the Vehicle or Artillery type. A single ranged weapon on that model gains +1 Strength this turn (to a maximum of 10). This bonus may be applied to a vehicle the Warlord is being transported in.

Flayed Ones x10, Flensing Scarabs. 140 pts

Flayed Ones x10, Flensing Scarabs. 140 pts

Tesla Immortals x5, Night Scythe. 185 pts

Tesla Immortals x5, Night Scythe. 185 pts

Necron Warriors x10, Ghost Ark. 245 pts

Triarch Stalker, TL Heavy Gauss Cannon. 165 pts

Fast Attack:
Maynarkh Scarabs x5, Charnel. 100 pts

Heavy Support:
Canoptek Spyder x3, Fabricator Claw Array. 160 pts

I use every part of the Space Buffalo.
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