2000 Generalist Dark Harvest

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2000 Generalist Dark Harvest

Post  Planes on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:27 pm

Trying to fine tune my Dark Harvest list now, as I have noticed a certain amount of Rock-Paper-Scissors happening against it, and potential for a great deal more than I've seen. As much fun as Flayed One spam is, I feel that maybe I should tone down on that aspect of the list a touch.

Destroyer Lord, MSS, Semp Weave. 160 points

Overlord, Gauntlet of Fire, Semp Weave, Phase Shifter, Despairtek. 185 points.

Flayed Ones x15, Flensing Scarabs. 205 points

Warriors x10, Ghost Ark. 245 points

Warriors x10, Ghost Ark. 245 points

Death Marks x8, Night Scythe. 252 points

Fast Attack:
Scarabs x10, Charnel. 200 points

Heavy Support:
Canoptek Spyder x3, Gloom Prisim. 165 points

Tesseract Ark. 250 points

Annihilation Barge, Underslung Tesla. 90 points

1997 points total.

With the increase in Gauss (and pressence of shooting in general) I should be able to handel vehicles a bit more reliably, along with having a better chance to ground FMCs for the scarabs to charge. Dallas taught me my mistake for neglecting to bring a Gloom Prisim against him. I dropped the MSS off of the Overlord because he doesn't belong in melee, and should be doing hit and runs from the Night Scythe.

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