League Dark Harvest - 1000

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League Dark Harvest - 1000

Post  Planes on Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:52 am

I figured I might as well post up the list that I've been tooling around with in the League as of late. It feels pretty solid to me, sitting at 3-1 so far, with that one loss being spanked pretty hard.

Dark Harvest:
Destroyer Lord, Mind Shackle Scarabs, Semp Weave. 160 pts

Maynarkh Overlord, Mind Shackle Scarabs, Semp Weave, Warscythe, Phase Shifter, Flensing Scarabs. 180 pts

Flayed Ones x11, Flensing Scarabs. 153 pts

Flayed Ones x10, Flensing Scarabs. 140 pts

Fast Attack:
Maynarkh Scarabs x10, Charnel. 200 pts

Heavy Support:
Canoptek Spyder x3, Gloom Prisim. 165 pts

998 points total.

I feel that the list could probably be optimized a touch if the Flensing Scarabs were droped the the Overlord and the 10 man squad, then converting the 10 Flayed Ones into 11 Warriors with the freed up points, as more often than not I have been using that squad to hold back field objectives. Alternately, the extra body could be put into the existing 11 man Flayed One squad to bump them to 12.

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