2500 Necron Gladiator

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2500 Necron Gladiator

Post  Planes on Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:38 pm

This is what I plan to bring if things go down on Saturday.

Imotekh, Stormtek x2, Lightning Field. 285 pts

Destroyer Lord, Semp Weave, Scarabs, Res Orb. 190 pts

Tesla Immortals x10, Nightscythe. 270 pts

Tesla Immortals x10, Nightscythe. 270 pts

Triarch Stalker, TL Heavy Gauss Cannon. 165 pts

Fast Attack:
Canoptek Wraiths x5, Whip Coils x3. 205 pts

Heavy Support:
Tesseract Ark. 250 pts

Super Heavy:
Transcendent C'Tan, Transliminal Stride, Seismic Assault, Wave of Withering. 860 pts

Necron -- Entropic Plague.

Super necron appoc agro, go!

I use every part of the Space Buffalo.
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