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Necron Pro-Tip

Post  Lore Weaver on Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:30 pm

Necron Pro-Tip as learned from the tournament...

Hide a Scythe in your units (by way of Lord, 45-90 point guy, depending on your preference). That Scythe can kill the walker that otherwise ties up your unit for the rest of the game, or can put a bit of hurt on a unit that assaults you (thus making the combat resolution a bit better, allowing the 'crons to tar-pit something).


Lord w\ Scythe = 45 points
Lord w\ Scythe & Orb = 75 points
Lord w\ Scythe & Scarabs = 60 points
Lord w\ Scythe & Orb & Scarabs = 90 points

WS4, S5, T5, 3+ save (weave +15 for 2+)
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