Necron 1500

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Necron 1500

Post  sewerstalker on Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:44 pm

Hey this is my 1500

Lord- destoyer body, gaze of flame, nightmare shroud-185


12 warrios-216
12 warriors- 216
11 warriors- 198
11 warriors- 198

fast attack
10 scarabs- 120
4 destoyers-200


so in this lis the lord goes with scarabs turbo boost to middle of board into terrain and wcarrabs get 2+ cover and lord benifet from scarbs and he gets 3+ cover. no monolith or c'tan because I just want to immobilize the veichle or take weapons off of the tank. So then the models get out and die. Post what u think of this list. Oh ya cheap way to make immortals that I found out is use warriors but u probaly already know that.


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