Space wolf army up for sale

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Space wolf army up for sale

Post  Firebug on Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:03 pm

Hi all,  I'm new here, from Lloydminster Sask.  I have up for grabs a space wolf army, lots of old collectible pieces in here, I'd rate the Painting as table ready, some of these where done quite some years ago and could use some touch-ups.  If your interested in seeing it I will be in Saskatoon on March 6 and can set up a meet at Dragon's Den. Let me know ahead of time so I can bring it with me.   On to the army (in no particular  order). I've tried to add thumbnails to the items I hope it works, I can email the pics to anyone interested PM me here.  My hope is to sell it as one unit, Looking for $500, I would consder offers.

2 Predators from 2nd edition

1 Rouge Trader era Land Raider
1 2nd edition Bjorn the Fellahnded
1 2nd edition Wolf gaurd

1 box of space wolvwe - I think it's complete, but not 100% on that

Partially started squad of Grey Hunters 11 models
Wolfgaurd standard bearer - missing backpack
2nd editionland speeder complete in pieces

14 Bloodclaws - Mostly second edition

7 Bloodclaws with Jump packs - Mostly 2nd edition

5 2nd edition scouts

6 scouts 3-5 edition?

5 Long Fangs 2nd edition

10 Grey Hunters 2nd edition

Web Shop - Sargent - I think this is what this is
Marine commander with wolf bits
Njal Stormcaller 2nd edition
Ulrik the Slayer 2nd Edition

Iron priest 2nd edition
Gamesday wolfpriest
Ragnar Blackmane 2nd edition
Space wolf Captain with wolf head - rouge trader era

7 wolfguard terminators 3-5 edition

Razorback 3-5 edition- painted interior
Whirlwind  2nd edition

2 rhinos 2nd edition

1 land Raider - painted interior

1 land Raider Crussader - Painted interior


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