Space Marine army for sale

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Space Marine army for sale

Post  warandblood on Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:06 am

Space Marine Army / Imperial Fist set

1 zipper rule book case--------------------------1 army figure case gw
Hard cover 5th edition rule book-------------1 Padro Kantor
Space Marine Codex-----------------------------1 unasembaled razorback
Templates and Dice------------------------------1 Teminator Chaplin
Zipper 40K Book case---------------------------6 Terminators-----Chainfists and stormbolters
Hard 3 tray army transport--------------------8 Plastic converted legion of the damned
Bits Tub for conversions------------------------5 jump marines
Assorted converted models-------------------2 five man squads
1 land raider--------------------------------------6 scouts----Painted camo
2 rhinos--------------------------------------------10 sniper scouts with telion---50% painted camo
1 razorback with lascanon-------------------3 X 10 man tactical squads
1 converted plastic Master of the forge----1 tub-o-bits
1 box of yellow and black dice----------------1 yellow and black tape measure
1converted tecmarine----------------------------1 Captain lysander
Amazing value---ready to finish painting.
Asking $350 for the lot.
Contact Daniel, @ or call or text @ 306 262 3604

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