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Post  Dom.0 on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:45 pm

we all known i love my fluff and well ive figgered out waht in IG army would look like witjh out the pts sytem.

army comand squad(1), regament comand squad inf (1), regament comand vehical armored (1), company comand squad inf (3-5), company comand vehical armoned (3-5 + 1-3 super heavy companys).

each inf regament has 3 to 5 componies, each compony has 5 platoons witch have 2-5 rifle squads 1-5 heavy wepon squads 1-6 spec wep squads and 0-1 constript squad. also the company has 1 to 5 elite suport, vetrans, and somtimes penial legions. each armoded regament has 3 to 5 tank companies 1 to 3 super heavy companies and 1-3 fast atack vehical suport.

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