fluff time: the 3rd Kato deployment in the damocles gluf

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fluff time: the 3rd Kato deployment in the damocles gluf

Post  Dom.0 on Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:27 pm

As the the seconde kato army was pulling and sent homethe 3rd kato has landing the 3rd kato army has 10 infanty regments and 2 armord regamenst. The inf regaments are by the standered 3 componys and regamental suport. Each compony has 3 platoons. Each platoon has 5 inf squads, 2 heavy wepon squads, 4 spec wepon squads and the third platoon always has constripts. All regaments suport is the same. The comisars, rattling snipers, Chimarias for the frist platoon, Strom Troopers, pyker coven. the Armord regaments are all the same as well 3 componys with 2 super heavy componys. The regamental hq is a LMR Vanquisher, soa re all the compony comand tanks all tanks in nevery frist comony are LMR Exautioner type, all second compony tanks are LMR Eradicotor type, all thid compony tanks are LMR Punisher type. The supper heavy componys are difrent but the same in all regaaments the frist is alhays a baneblalde and the second is always a shadowsword. The regamanetal suport is well the same per regament. 5 hydra Squadrens, 3 armord sentanal squadrens, 8 manitcores and 1 death strike, 1 bane wolf squadren and 2 hell hound squdrens. thir is also IMpreal NAvy air suport for thr army.

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