2000 Point Fun Game

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2000 Point Fun Game

Post  Timbo on Thu May 05, 2011 6:51 pm

Ben and I threw down today in a 2000 pointer at the Den. Ben rocked his Deathwing. He fielded 25 termies, 2 dreads, a vindicator, a LR crusader and Belial. I fielded my Ork list from the army list section, minus one nob plus a rokkit buggy squadron (3 buggies) and a lone suicide deffcopta with a buzzsaw. We rolled sieze ground with 3 objectives, and spearhead deployment. Ben deployed fairly far back, using 2nd levels of buildings and hiding his dreadnoughts. I deployed my 30-boy squad on the nearest objective, and everything else ready for the bum rush with the buggies in front.

Turn 1:

Ben won the roll and decided he wanted first turn. I tried to sieze initiative and failed. His first shooting phase was decent for him. He killed two of the buggies and blew the weapon off the third. He also killed the deffcopta which had turbo-boosted within charge range of the vindicator. He managed a glance on a battlewagon but he only blew off the big shoota. Turn one I moved up.

Turn 2:

Ben didn't have a lot of weapons that could hurt the wagons but did what he could. He moved back as much as he could and blew away the last warbuggy. He also managed two more glances on battlewagons (I couldn't roll a KFF save to save my life, but it was cancelled out by his crappy rolls on the damage table) and blew off two more big shootas. I now had 3 weaponless, but still mobile wagons! Turn 2 I moved up some more. I threw a few shots downrange, but crappy rolls and good saves meant zero casualties so far.

Turn 3:

One of Ben's dreadnoughts came down from a building to take a long range side shot at my warboss' battlewagon. Now that I was in Ben's face it was pretty easy for him to get side shots on all of my wagons. He blew up my warboss' wagon with a plasma cannon of all things, but the nobz took no wounds from the resultant explosion. He poured a terminator squad's shots into the nobz as well, and might have caused a wound or two. His terminator squad with the apothecary (yikes!) failed to shoot my burna boyz/big mek's wagon but then assaulted and killed it. I lost 5 burna boyz in the explosion Sad ! Turn 3 was an eventful one for me. My nobz looked like they might just make a charge versus a terminator squad in the ruins, so I decided to call my Waaagh! I broke my warboss off from the nobz to charge the vindicator (which had missed and bounced against the battlewagons), and the nobz moved towards the terminators. My nobz rolled crappy terrain, a crappy fleet, and crappy terrain again and were left standing in the open Sad On the other side of the board my battlewagon tank shocked a terminator squad and rammed the dreadnought which had cheekily left the protection of the building. The terminators took no damage, but the dreadnought exploded and the boyz happily piled out of the wagon to assault the termies. In the centre my burna boyz lined up a charge on the apothecary's terminator squad, while the big mek left the squad. With a decent fleet he could charge the land raider, but alas he rolled a 2. Therefore he just piled in on the terminator squad the burnas were charging. It was just as well, as this unit is really scary (terminators with FNP). The burnas were really my only answer for this unit so I had to roll well. Ben made a subtle mistake here as he had placed his sergeant (with power sword) on the far left side of his unit. This allowed my mek (with power klaw) to charge this model while I engaged all of the others with burnas. This meant my mek would in all likelihood survive the combat. Sure enough the sergeant only wounded the mek once, then my burnas went. How many terminators will 30 str4 power weapon attacks kill? Try 2. Ben killed 3 burnas back, but then my mek saved the day by killing 2 more terminators, tying the combat. Ben just had his apothecary left, but had a lightning claw squad led by Belial ready to countercharge. On the left my boyz blazed away at Ben's terminators killing none. Then they assaulted with 64 attacks, killing none. Then the nob swung with his power klaw and killed none. Really, Warhammer? Really? I lost 5 to fists and another 4 to fearless on the reply. The only good thing to happen was that my warboss assaulted the vindicator and killed it 5 times. 3 wrecks and 2 explosions. At this point Ben actually apologized to me for the dice. He had yet to fail a terminator armour save, and things were looking grim for the Orks.

Turn 4:

Ben shot the crap out of my nobz squad and then realized why you don't shoot at nobz squads. He killed one (who was already wounded) with a krak missile and might have wounded another. His land raider killed my warboss Sad Ben countercharged my big mek/burnas with his lightning claw squad. They couldn't quite get into base with the mek, but they slaughtered all of the burnas before the orks could strike. My big mek traded with the apothecary as they simultaneously squished each other. Ben rolled a 3 for consolidation but left Belial out front. My orks that whiffed on the left decided to pull up their socks and actually inflicted a few wounds this time. Ben was even nice enough to fail a couple saves! My nob squished a terminator too so the combat was actually a 3-3 draw! Ben's last dreadnought charged and wrecked my leftmost battlewagon. My nobz charged the lightning claw squad on my turn (after killing one with a skorcha), and I was able to get my power klaw nob into base with Belial. Ben did some wounds that I spread around, and I did 16 wounds to the terminators, killing two. My nob squished Belial also so I easily won combat, killing another terminator with fearless hits. There was a single lightning claw termie left and my nobz could not be shot on Ben's turn. Great success! My last wagon moved up (it had been lurking behind the others because there was no room) and my last slugga squad assaulted another terminator squad. This one is a bit hazy, but I remember I killed one on the way in with a slugga, and then a couple more in combat.

Turn 5:

The game had swung fairly quickly back in my favour, and Ben desperately countercharged my nobz with his last unengaged terminator squad. His last dreadnought charged and killed my last battlewagon. My leftmost boyz squad finished off the last two terminators and consolidated towards Ben's dreadnought. My middle slugga squad finished off their terminators as well. My nobz put as many attacks as they could into the charging terminators and managed to kill one. First though, Ben's lightning claw guy and sergeant did 4 wounds, killing a nob and wounding the rest. I killed the last remaining claw guy with my remaining attacks, and then my klaw killed two more. Ben got 9 fist attacks but rolled only two wounds Sad He squished two already wounded nobz and won the combat by only two. I passed my leadership and that was basically the game. My turn 5 I charged the dreanought with my bigger slugga mob and immobilized it. My nobz finished off the terminators and Ben decided to call it because he had no troops left. I still had 5 wounded nobz remaining out of an original 9 I love you His land raider would not be able to shift my shoota mob off of the objective in my deployment zone in the remaining time.


-Nobz mobs are wicked tough. I don't think there is a unit I wouldn't charge with them. Maybe TT/SS terminators.
-Orks are a tough matchup for Deathwing. Not enough bodies to withstand all those hits. I'd run some heavy flamers maybe to help against hordes.
-For assault armies, positioning of models is very important. Independant characters are very vulnerable in assaults, always keep them in the second row so they have some choice over who they fight.
-Thanks for the game Ben! It was a slobberknocker!

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Re: 2000 Point Fun Game

Post  Spamus Eatus on Thu May 05, 2011 10:43 pm

Hey cool, full batrep and everything! I'm terrible at remembering details post-game.

Yeah it was a good game, things were going well for the Deathwing until they weren't. Funny how that works. I'm super pleased that I was able to eventually kill all of the battlewagons, moral victory for me!

Mental notes:
Burnas are dangerous (I had forgotten about the powerweapon attacks until it was too late)
Mixed nobs require either a large high strength blast or mass-fisting.
Use my LC guys more, they rock.
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