1500 Point Fun Game

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1500 Point Fun Game

Post  Timbo on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:09 am

Mark brought 11 walker Ork list at 1500 points. I brought CSM Nurgle list with 3 walkers of my own. For lists check out this thread:


Mark only has 3 troops, so if I can just kill those I can maybe pull off a 1-0 vic...wait I rolled annihilation. Aw crap. Alright, new plan. Run forward and charge. I won't give a full report, but here's a few highlights:

My Demon Prince made about 10 saves including 2 invulnerables when down to his last wound, allowing him to slaughter a 20 man Ork squad. One of my dreadnoughts obviously slept with another of my dreadnought's girlfriends, or possibly his mom. On turn one my two adjacent dreadnoughts both fire frenzied. One was a little quicker on the draw than the other. Blue guy was reduced to a smoking crater. Red guy was not finished however, after dealing with his former buddy he then blasted a killa can with his mutli-melta on turn two, then fleeted across the board next turn (rolling a 6 for movement) to support the Prince's assault on some Ork boyz. He also rolled a 6 for his consolidate after smashing those boyz, therefore moving about 23" that turn. After that he was very tired and died. My lesser demons also assaulted and slaughtered a loota squad with a big mek on turn 2, so that was pretty good.

There was lots of bad stuff too, my 10 man plague marine squad got slowly slaughtered by kans over about 6 assault phases. My powerfist guy scored 4 or 5 penetrating hits over that time and did nothing. Literally nothing. Sigh. That was the assault that swung the game as it turned out as Mark narrowly won 10-9. I was pretty pleased with the result all things considered. My lads managed to kill 7 walkers, and obviously I could have killed a few more if my damage rolls had been a bit better. All in all it was a pretty fun game and I look forward to facing that walker list again with my Orks!

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Re: 1500 Point Fun Game

Post  Lore Weaver on Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:42 am

That was a fun match. My Loota's didn't get to do a lot, and I made a few mistakes with my Kanz. That list takes up a LOT of space on the board!

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