1000 point fun game

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1000 point fun game

Post  Timbo on Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:48 am

Mark Horsman and I had a game for funzies on Sunday. This is how it played out. Mark brought the Necrons, I rocked the vanilla Marines. Mark had a monolith, 2X 10 warrior squads, 3 destroyers, 4 of those flayer guys, and the destroyer-body warscythe lord. I brought a land raider, chaplain, 10 tac guys with powerfist (in LR), 10 tac guys in rhino, ironclad in drop pod, and an attack bike. Both tac squads had melta guns and multi-melta. Mark rolled up an annihlation mission (sigh Sad ) and we got the long edges deployment. I won the rolloff and made Mark deploy first. The table was stocked with terrain by Mark's boys and the terrain was dense to say the least. Mark chose to deploy in his right corner, and I countered by deploying in my right (opposite) corner. I wanted to take a few potshots at his monolith with my lascannons before he got into particle whip range. I was hoping my drop pod could deliver my ironclad somewhere close to his warriors and he could get stuck in. I failed my seize the initiative roll and Mark went first.

Turn 1

Mark moved up, he covered his left flank with his destroyers who were accompanied by the lord. Nothing was in range/LOS so he was done. I moved my land raider up a bit, turbo boosted my attack bike behind a terrain feature (hoping to threaten the destroyers with it next turn), and drove my rhino up 12", keeping it behind cover. My drop pod was initially placed close to Mark's left flank, within meltagun range of the destroyers. But of course it scattered 7" directly away. I hid the dread behind the pod, because it was going to be useless for the next couple of turns (or so I thought!). My lascannons were just out of range of the monolith, so I was done.

Turn 2

Mark rolled for his flank marching flayers and they came on. He rolled the short table edge I was on, so wherever he put them they were going to get killed next turn. They were however, within charge range of my attack bike. They scored 3 wounds and I promptly failed all 3 saves. 1-0 Mark early, and the rest of his stuff moved up again, but his monolith was still out of range. His destroyers blew the storm bolter off my drop pod. Mark had advanced his flayers into cover, not too far from my ironclad (who comes with move through cover). So my ironclad charged the flayers. My land raider bounced some shots off the monolith. HtH saw the dreadnought kill 3 flayers, although the last one held his ground. This was actually good for me, because the dread could now avoid any shooting on Mark's turn!

Turn 3

Mark was finally within range and let fly with his particle whip. It missed. His destroyers finished off the drop pod with shooting. 2-0 Mark. HtH saw my dreadnought hit the last remaining flayer once, and obviously I rolled a 1 to wound. Now I had to waste my next turn fighting again Mad Stupid dreadnought! On my turn my rhino moved up again, and this time fired smoke. My land raider scored a penetrating hit on the monolith! Then Mark failed his cover save! I rolled a 4, immobilizing the monolith. Not a bad result, although being behind I could not afford to run away from the thing either. My dreadnought finally squished the last flayer (2-1 Mark) and consolidated ahead into cover.

Turn 4

Mark decided to have his lord leave the destroyers and join one of the warrior squads (he thought the res orb would be needed there). His particle whip was on target this time, but bounced off the land raider (whew). His other shooting was ineffective. My dreadnought advanced again but was only within storm bolter range of the destroyers. I manged to wound one, then Mark failed a save. Then he rolled an 11 for leadership! Yikes Shocked The remaining 2 fled off the board and the game was suddenly tied 2-2. My other shots bounced off the monolith. I did score a weapon destroyed result on it with a glance but I forget whether it was this turn or the next. My dreadnought kept running towards the immobilized monolith. If I could get into HtH with it I could tear it apart!

Turn 5

Mark's warriors were now within range and he let a volley go at my rhino, shaking and immobilizing it. His whip missed again and his lord, perhaps flustered by the loss of his destroyer buddies, left his warrior squad and moved to the far side of the monolith. This was a peculiar move, given that he was within range of both of my vehicles. I took the bait and disembarked from both of my vehicles, and I let fly with a hail of heat and lead. My bolt pistols rolled really well and I scored 7 wounds with them, plus another 1 with a meltagun. The lord keeled over before I could even assault him. 3-2 me! Mark's son rolled for game end and got a 6, so another turn...

Turn 6

Mark had to deal with the onrushing dreadnought so he fired a volley at it from a warrior squad. He scored two glances and managed to roll a 6 to immobilize it Sad His other squad blasted one of my tac squads, killing 5 marines (including the sgt). Mark was in a bit of a tough spot now, because shooting my rhino would get him an easier kill point, but leave his remaining warrior squads vulnerable. He made what I thought was the correct choice in targetting marines. His underachieving monolith missed again. My turn I couldn't do much. My 5 man squad was too weak to assault 10 warriors and the full strength one with the chaplain could only reach the monolith, so they assaulted it and of course did nothing. Game end was a 1 this time, 3-2 victory for me!

That was a tough mission for me, as my army was much better suited for grabbing objectives. I really needed some good fortune and the dice gods saw fit to reward me! Mark was a gentleman as always, and his young lads have a pretty impressive knowledge of 40K themselves! I think the last time I played Mark was 10 years ago or so, so hopefully it will not be 10 years before the next time! Very Happy

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Re: 1000 point fun game

Post  Lore Weaver on Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:23 am

Ya, it was a great game.

In retrospect, I should've turbo boosted my lord somewhere useful.

My other tactical error was rolling an 11 for destroyer leadership! What was I thinking! *laughs*

Now all I need to do is paint some more warriors, 3 more destroyers, and we can play a 1500 point match :-)

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Re: 1000 point fun game

Post  System Commander on Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:44 am

Hey Tim, thanks for the battle report. That was a great step by step analysis of the game.

Ahh, poor destroyers.

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Re: 1000 point fun game

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