Selling Alot of Orks...

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Re: Selling Alot of Orks...

Post  evilsuns10 on Sat May 05, 2012 12:47 am

what do you expect from a teenager who looks at 25-40 year olds who do this with there time?


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Re: Selling Alot of Orks...

Post  dusktiger on Sat May 05, 2012 7:53 am

look kiddo, fact is, no one will buy the whole army from you in one shot. it's orks. and your collection isn't even a competitive army list's worth of orks. there's not a single person here who will buy it the way you want them to, and that's what the old farts are trying to get across to you.

you're only going to sell it in bits and pieces, if at all. so if you want to get some money out of it, take up the offers being made on parts of it, and it will sell faster than saying "give me an offer i like for the whole set or don't waste my time."

you've posted this for a year now and haven't had anyone buy it as a whole. so now's the time to start selling it in squads at a time.

and lipping off to people that want to buy chunks of your army from you won't get you any offers of money from everyone else. even if termagants barb at you for being too lazy to check for those bikers for him means he had it coming.

if you want serious worthwhile offers, then post us what you hope to get for the collection, and a breakdown of prices for each of the different types of models you got. just saying "here's what i got" and declining on the offers people post by saying that's not worth your time isn't going to get you anything.

if hearing this ticks you off, well so be it. but instead of posting a snarky reply in the heat of the moment (cause i imagine sys. commander has his eye on this thread now) and getting this thread shut down for language, walky away for a half hour and come back and write your reply with a cooler head. we dont need to be cussin and insulting people here. besides, at our age, a pissing contest isn't as fun as it was at 16; we have crap like back pains, and gall stones, and bad knees and shit to deal with Razz Laughing


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