Selling Chaos, Buying Orks

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Selling Chaos, Buying Orks

Post  smackman on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:55 pm

I'm looking for some Ork Warbikes to make a few Nob Bikers, I need 6 bikes.

For trade/sale I have:

Winged Demon Prince [primed black]
Chaos Sorcerer in Power Armor [stripped back to bare metal]
Kharn the Betrayer [stripped]
Chaos Lord of Khorne with a Demon Weapon [stripped]
15 Chaos Marines with 2 plasma guns and a rocket launcher and champ with power fist [painted to good table top quality]
10 Chaos Marines with a melta gun, 1 lascannon and champ with a power fist [base coated merichite red]

pm me with offers.
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