Selling Some Orks

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Selling Some Orks

Post  Deadlytoaster on Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:34 pm

So i started a small collection of Orks that never got far and im selling them off.

I've got:
- AOBR Warboss
- 20 AOBR ork boyz
-6 AOBR nobz
-3 AOBR Deffcoptas
- 5 Ork boys assembled
- An Ork trukk, mostly Assembled
- Sprues for 5 more Ork boys with pieces for Burna boys
-one metal painboy
-one metal runt herder
-Assort. Ork Bitz

Im looking at $75 for the bunch, if you're interested in just parts and pieces im sure we could work something out. PM me if you're interested.


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