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Imperial Guard rumours

Post  System Commander on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:04 pm

I just grabbed this off Bellof Lost Souls.. there are alot of rumours flying around now.

- Command Squad Boxes will include all the special weapons in plastic (1 of each), 3 different officer heads, several different close combat weapons (Swords, Fists etc), various embellishments, 2 suits of officer armor, one more practical one more dressy, and 4 Cadians with a few new/special heads.
- The Stormtrooper greens with the shotguns do not imply that IG Stormtroopers will be getting shotguns, but are instead for WH Arbites-style Stormtroopers.
- Stormtroopers will not be released in the first wave, but instead may be released with an Inquisitor supplement oriented around Planetfall.
- The new Ratlings are nice, the new psykers, not so much.
- Commissars still exist in a capacity different to what they do now. They are allowed to attach to certain squads. However once a Commissar Lord is taken they have more freedom and there can be more of them. They are also cheaper(almost half of what they are now).
- IG Sniper Squads, in addition to getting infiltrate, stealth, rangefinders, and sniper rifles will also get camo cloaks.
- Vet Squads probably won’t be upgrades for platoons.
- While sentinels, chimeras, and hellhounds will be able to attach to platoons as support vehicles, demolishers will not.
- Support Squads are different now and are platoon attachments not command squad attachments.
- Basic squad loadout will be 10 Lasguns or 9 Lasguns and a Laspistol for 40 points.
- Platoon Drill will require a vox network.
- Some squads will have access to heavy flamers.
- New Catachan plastics will have scaled down arms.
- No greatcoat plastics.
- Ogryns will be T5, 4+ save, and FNP for the same price they are now.
- Ogryns have no new models. At least not yet. The newish ones are current.
- Some, but not all, tanks will be able to fire sponson weapons as Defensive weapons.
- Cadian Rough Riders will be in the 1.5 wave.
- Leman Russ boxes will include parts to make LRBT, Demolisher, Vanquisher, and Exterminator.
- Chimera boxes will have parts for 3 other variants (including Hellhound). The Chimera will have 6 variants (though some of these sound like they’re just different Chimera weapon options).
- Basilisk boxes may come with parts for Medusas and Griffons.
- While you’ll be able to field more armor, you won’t be able to field an armored company as part of the regular codex.
- And while you’ll be able to field more tanks, the true strength will be the numbers of guardsmen you can field. 110 Points for 25 Guardsmen with nothing but flashlights.
- The Valkyrie will be different from the FW version, but not any huge difference.
- A Spearhead Sentinel is one that is equipped with heavier weapons and meant to be the spearhead of an attacking force. It lacks Scout moves or the like but has slightly better front armor and several variant weapons.
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