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Hi Guys! I've had a lot of people asking about the Webway mission rules, and I am happy to announce that they are now available! This is a trial run for these rules.
"The following are (entirely optional) additional rules for fighting in the quickly changing paths of the Eldar Webway. One player will roll 2d6 at the beginning of each game turn. these rules will stay in effect until the beginning of the next game turn. If a rules quandary appears, please roll for most appropriate result agreed upon by both players. These are experimental rules, and as such, should be treated as a guide.
good luck, warriors of the ancient paths, and prepare yourself...

2-POISONED AIR- the air in this path suddenly floods with ancient mutagens, warp taint, or some other equally deadly agent. Wounds that would normally be dangerous become deadly, the deadly gas flooding into armor rents and sealed breather membranes. All weapons S4 or higher gain the Rensing USR. If a unit already had the rule, rends occur on a 5-6.
3-MYSTERIOUS PROTECTORS- Soothing whispers swirl around the combatants, and incoming fire seems to curve around the target, harmlessly whizzing by.
All units gain +1 armor save against shooting attacks(to a maximum of 2+). All vehicles gain a 5++ invulnerable save to Shooting attacks.
4-GRAVITIC DISPLACEMENT- Up is down, and down is up! The fragile rules of gravity in this corridor blink, and your warriors can leap a tall building in one bound. Beware though, it can be a long fall down…
All infantry units gain the Jump Infantry rule to their profile. If this is used to move or assault, all models in the unit must take Dangerous Terrain Tests.
5-QUANTUM DISRUPTION- The Webway was built inside an insane reality, and the normal rules of reality are tenuous at best. Be careful, your objective could be 5 feet or 5 miles away!
All objectives flip to their opposite number. Using a D6, flip the dice for opposite number (this change will be permanent unless a 4 is rolled on the Webway Table).
6-ANCIENT BOOBYTRAP- One false step, and entire squads can disappear into a howling vortex, or be torn apart by tenebrous shards of wraithbone!
Roll a D6 for every unengaged unit on the table. On a roll of 6, this unit takes D6 Strength 5, AP- Rending hits.
7-CALM CORRIDOR- This ancient path is silent… for now.
8-EMPYRIC MIST- A coiling, writhing mist envelops the battlefield. Neither warm or cold, and both moist and dry, this strange atmospheric occurrence blinds aiming reticles, and proves difficult for teleport targeting.
All Weapons become -1 BS, all rolls to scatter move an additional +1 inch.
9-WARP SURGE- The winds of the warp shriek through this corridor, enervating any psychically attuned warriors to greater heights of power.
All rolls to harness warp charges can reroll any roll of a 1.
10-PLASMA VENTS- Pulsing plasma relays vent powerful accelerant byproducts into the air at random intervals. Weapons that harness flame jet massive gouts of burning death upon their foes, but your warriors must be careful, too much use, and their weapons might ignite the very air around them!
All flamer-type weapons (as described by the Warhammer 40k Main Rulebook) gain the Torrent rule, but also gain the gets hot rule. If a model suffers a ‘gets hot’ effect, no armor saves may be taken. The weapon can be fired normally to avoid this.
11-ENSLAVER PIT- Your warriors have stumbled upon an Enslaver pit! These ancient psychic parasites leech the energy from your warriors, and will attempt to enslave any who tap into their warp-born powers too much.
When rolling for the winds of the warp, both sides suffer -1 charge. Add -1 to all rolls on the Perils of the Warp Table.

Please let me know how these work for you, and feel free to add comments below with any comments or critiques (after you have played with them please...)
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