space wolves comm comp musing

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space wolves comm comp musing

Post  the bushels on Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:16 pm

Champions of fenris detachment
ulrik the slayer- 145

wolfguard tda x5- 2x combi melta and storm shield, 2xthunder hammer and s/s, pair of wolf claws, cyclone missle launcher- 245 pts

Wolfguard tda x3- 2x combimelta and s/s, thunder Hammer and s/s -124 pts
arjac - 115 pts


Bloodclaws x 5- flamer with  Razorback - twin linked assault cannon- 140
bloodclaws x 5- flamer with razorback- tlac -140
grey hunters x 10- 2x plasma gun, plasma pistol and power axe, pack leader with plasma pistol, wolf claw and melta bombs- with drop pod- 285

Fast attack
drop pod- 35
Drop pod- 35
Stormwolf- 2x twin linked multimeltas- 235

Total- 1499
Drop pods are for termies, arjac and ulrik join the group of three.

Ulrik- 2pts
Stormwolf- 3pts
drop pods- 2pts
total- 7pts

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