Fun with Comm Comp

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Fun with Comm Comp

Post  Roland on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:20 pm

I've been laid up the past 2 days so I've been playing around with Comm Comp lists.

It's impossible to get more than 2 wraithknights at 20 credits. 2 severely limits your build. (I was looking for stuff that WOULD NOT add credits for ~500 pts)

I'm still not sold on the detachment layout, but i can see the reasoning behind it.

They seem very conservative with FW but not hugely so. Same with D weapons and superheavys.

The invis fix is genius.

Would be really easy to do a stepped league
tier 1: 0-7 credits
Tier 2: 8-14
Tier 3: 15-20

Or do a handicap system. Take the tourney points for your credits, decide by 5. That's bonus VP for a single game. So you maystart 15-5 before deployment.

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