league finals recap

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league finals recap

Post  the bushels on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:50 pm

Championship match between pazs daemnkin and marshals space wolves went down today, here is as much as i can remember.
We rolled for the secret maelstrom. 3 cards max each turn, dont tell your opponent, short table edges to deploy.
table was set up with a mix of ruined buildings in either end with some shrubbery and one building in the middle to give cover.
Wolves wonall pregame roll offs, taking first turn. Wolves got warlord trait to reroll d3s on objective cards while daemonkin got pref enemy for warlord.
Wolves deployed razorbacks, 2 on either side of deployment zone, thunderwolves in the middle, and sniper onthe highest point in the backfield.
daemonkin deployed a hellbrute in the coner on an objective in ruins, a squad of cultist in the opposite corner on an objective, daemon ptince, chariot and rhino full of bezerkers in the middle behindthe central building. Possessed were behind the rhino with the last cultist squad beside the rhino headed for an objective, and the tetminators on the opposite flank by the chariot.
Daemonkin fail to seize.
turn one.
Arjac and terminators pod in by hellbrute, scatter a bit, close enough for melta, but only manage one shaken result on brute.two razorbacks deploy blood claws on objectives then move up, thunderwolves charge ahead and run. Shooting from 2 razorbacks kill a few cultists onthe right and force a break test. They fail and are sacrificed to the skull throne. First blood. All other shooting is ineffective.
Daemonkin turn.
daemon prince moves to engage thunderwolves, rhino swings around othrr flank and pops smoke. Chariot moves behind prince and fires at razorback immobilizing it. Terminators advance with prince. Hellbrute and possesed move to assault arjac and friends. One tda goes down to brute shooting, assault ensues arjac kilss a couple possessed and annother terminator dies.
prince charges wolves, challenges pack leader and manages to kill him. Wolf lord then hits prince, inflicts 2 wounds then paz rolls a 6 for the hellfrost strenght test resulting in prince getting removed from play. Wolves consolidate towards chariot.
turn 2
forgot to roll for stormwolf in reserves
all razorbacks move up, kill one terminator with shooting, everything else caused no damage.
thunderwolves multicharge terminators and chariot. Lord kills terminator leader with hammer of wrath, one more drops to poerfist and chariot loses a hull point, one wound taken in return.
arjac vs hellbrute continues, one possesed left alive, arjac alone, brute has 1 hp left.
daemonkin turn.
paz summons bloodletters that bring another squad in with them from reserves. 28 bloodletters now in the space wolf backfield. No shooting.
arjac, brute and possessed hug it out, no wounds done. Thunderwolves termies and chariot keep at it, minimal effect.
turn 3
stormwolf comes in and blows up rhino. Razorbacks try to thin out bloodletters, killing a handfull. Arjac and friends continue ticklefight, no wounds.thunderwolves and termies exchange wounds. Chariot avoids damage.
daemonkin turn
bezetker pops a razorback ith hiscombimelta.
bloodletter squads both charge exposed bloodclaw squads, wiping them out. Chaos lord and bezerkers move to engage thunderwolves next turn. Last terminators are killed off by wolves, chariot keeps on avoiding damage. Arjac fonally explodes the hellbrute, possessed dies in the explosion, arjac walks away to go after cultists.
turn 4
Arjac moves after cultists, long charge makes it in, kills 3, they run.
razorbacks keep thinning out bloodletters, leaving a sole daemon in one, and bringing the 20 man unit down to 6. Stormwolf helps with bloodletters and kills a couple bezerkers.
Daemonkin turn.
chaos lord and zerkers charge in to wolves, killing 2 and dropping one wound off of the third. Wolves kill chariot finally, but lose combat and disengage safely. Bloodletters charge razorback holding grey hunters and wreck it.
turn 5
arjac goes to hold an objective. 2 remaining razorbacks go for different objectives.
wold lord charges chaos lord. Kill nothing ( 4++invul saves like a mofo all game for chaos lord) lord and last wolf killef by zerkers for slay the warlord.
super shooting from grey hunters, sniper, stormwolf and razorbacks kill off all remaining bloodletters.
Daemonkin turn.
more bloodletters summoned, along with a new chariot. Chariot kills clsest razorback, chaos lord charges and kills grey hunters. Cultists shoot at arjac to no avail.
Turn 6
bloodclaws sit on objective, last razorback tank shocks through bloodletters to get objective, snap shooting killing 2. Stormwolf takes a hp off chariot and kills one zerker sniper taks wound off lord.
daemonkin turn.
bloodletters move to get linebreaker and behind enemy lines. Lord moves to charge bloodclaws, fails charge. Chariot shoots danger close at claws. Scatters back onto itself, missing claws but penetrating itself and blowing up its cannon! Yhen charges in, kills one claw, but gets wrecked in return.
game end
15-11vp for wolves.
7 cultists , 5zerkers and 6 bloodletters left for daemonkin
3 bloodclaws, vindicaire assassin, arjac, stormwolf and one razorback left for wolves.
Truly bloody match was great fun with plenty of oh shit! Moments. Great finish to the season

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Re: league finals recap

Post  Paz on Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:12 am

Yeah, sick battle! It was the my rhino's combi-melta that nicked your rhino (berserkers can't take combis sadly), and I summoned the bloodletters and skull cannon on different turns but other than that, pretty close!

Highlight had to be arjac tearing the hellbrute apart, and walking out of the Flames all Hollywood style while my final possessed burned in the fires of the daemonic machine's death!

Lowlight of the game was my second skull cannon shooting into blood claws, the flaming skull going straight up in the air and back into the barrel, exploding my cannon.

God. Damn. Bloodletter crew.

You had one job!!
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