Wolves on Tzeentch

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Wolves on Tzeentch

Post  Lore Weaver on Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:22 am

An epic battle last night... lets see how my memory holds up.

Cleanse and Control Maelstrom Mission 1750 points.

Bjorn in a drop pod
2x10 dudes with 2xmelta in drop pods
2x10 dudes in Rhino's with Flamers
2x6 dudes in Razorbacks (tl-assault cannon)
New Fangled Flier with Twin-Linked Anti-Dan's I mean, Multi-meltas. Inside.... the lone wolf. (a lone wolf)?

Lvl 3 Sorcerer "Perils Bait" with Spell Familiar & Mark of Tzeentch
9x1K Sons in a Rhino w\ Havoc
10xCultists that are gonna die
Helbrute Deepstrike formation : MM, Las-Flail, Flamy Fisty Fucker (Hey, it's alliterative)
2x Forgefiends, 1 that shoots from his face hole.
Herald on a Chariot
Exalted Flamer on a Chariot

Hammer and Anvil Deployement

Turn one goes to wolves,

Meltas try and light up the forge-fiends, *all* demon saves made. Storm bolter fails to kill a pink horror. Demon Save. Wolves visibly shaken.

Forgefiends do work, kill a drop pod and score First Blood. Force some wolves to fall back. 1k sons hop out of a rhino and light up the one melta squad, they mostly dead yo. The other meltas die to the other forge fiend.

Turn 2

Bjorn comes in, kills a couple thousand sons, including the Aspiring Sorcerer. Wolves fail a charge on the pink horrors, they killed one too many with shooting.

Helbrutes come in, Heldrake comes in, Herald comes in, stuff dies. Brutes go nutty (formation) and get to shoot twice each. Bjorn takes two multi-melta ass shots and dies. Heldrake kills 5 dubers (rolled 3 ones!) Boon on my Warlord! He gets Hammer of Wrath!... but takes a wound.

Turn 3

Wolves get some points, wipe out the cultists. 1k sons absorb some more fire.

Still no chariot. Heldrake hovers, kills more things. Boon fails to go off.

Turn 4-6

More scrapping. Chariot auto comes in, kills some dudes. Sorcerer Boons himself, gets his wound back, then casts another power, perils, rolls a "1", and fails his leadership.

Helbrutes kills stuff, Forgefiend downs the flier. Random scrappies.

Total.... 12 points each side... a TIE.

Lore Weaver
Lore Weaver
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Re: Wolves on Tzeentch

Post  Paz on Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:49 pm

Gross. And lovely!
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Re: Wolves on Tzeentch

Post  Spamus Eatus on Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:07 pm

Oh Mark, you and your absolutely EPIC tie games Very Happy
Spamus Eatus
Spamus Eatus
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Re: Wolves on Tzeentch

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