~The Battle for Niflheimstadt~

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~The Battle for Niflheimstadt~

Post  Paz on Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:37 pm

The lush agri-world of Niflheimstadt would have remained an isolated farming facility, a bare tic on the administratum's data lodgers, if not for the sudden arrival of Hive fleet Jormungandr in 995.M41. Instead the small green planet with its strange crop paintings became the staging point for an Imperial counter-offensive that ground the Tyranid assault to a stalemate, allowing larger forces to be mustered to face this new threat.

Niflheimstadt was the 5th planet from the sun in the Bifrost system, located in the Aesiric belt. 5 standard weeks south-west of the Ghoul stars, the system falls under the control of the forge world Muspelheim IX, and the protection of the Death Spectre Marines. As an agri-world, Niflheimstadt had few PDF forces, but, because of infrequent raids from the ethereal Xenos threat from the Ghoul stars, a small Garrison was set up on one of the planet's moons.

In the early months of 994.M41 the science vessel Baldur's folly, on a return flight to Muspelheim IX (following weeks of study around the strange artifact Ring-world Andvaranaut) came upon a Tyranid vanguard seeding vessel bound for the Bifrost system. Managing to break away from the Tyranid interceptors, the vessel limped back to the imperial shipyards.

Knowing the punishment for laxity involving the Tyranid menace was utter destruction, the Lord Solar Decius VII summoned all available forces to Muspelheim, hoping a crusade force could cut the head from this new menace. The Forgeworld promised its mighty Titans and superheavy tanks, and fully 3 whole Imperial guard regiments consisting of the Torthalion 9th, 12th and 46th were acquired for the war, newly dubbed "The Mjolnir Crusades".
A request for aid was sent to the Death Sceptres, Honoured Sons, and Doom Legion Space Marine Chapters, but all three refused, already embroiled in battles of their own (though the former two chapters, after a decisive victory over the Ghoul star Revenants would join the crusade later).

It came as a surprise then, when the fleet, gathering above the smog shrouded atmosphere of Muspelheim detected the warp flares of a new fleet, mere days before the crusade began. The fleet proved to be reinforcements from the Iron wolves and Crimson fists chapters. This formidable force had just finished mop-up operations on the formerly Tau-occupied worlds in the Forminos sector when the Iron Wolves inner council had received word of the growing Tyranid thread from their Adeptus Mechanicus brothers on Muspelheim. None other than Chapter Master Grim Hirsir and Chapter Master Pedro Cantor had arrived to see safe the imperial holdings in the sector.

Intelligence reports on the vanguard organisms landing on the worlds of the Bifrost pointed to a strange search pattern enacted by the Bugs. Soon the Hive Mind's strange behavior became apparent. The answer was on Niflheimstadt, where it was discovered the Tyranids were hunting down the extremely rare plains Psyhounds. These strange creatures had the ability to levitate prey to facilitate capture, and it seemed the Tyranids were planning to harvest the Psyhound's rich genetic data. Lord Decius declared that this could not be allowed to happen, and so the war was brought to Niflheimstadt's green pastures.


Pascal, Iron Wolves space marines chapter, and Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Scout Titan Hymn of Mars.

Robert, Crimson Fists 1st and 2nd company, the Torthalion 16th tank regiment and 12th artillery regiment, and the Baneblade superheavy tank Kolchis' Wrath.


Chris H, Hive Fleet Jormungandr


The Imperial Forces Arrayed

The Tyranid hordes arrive.

in reserve, mycetic spore assault Carnifex's and a Trygon!

The forces face off!

The Battle Commences! First Turn goes to the Imperials, who, after setting up mine fields, unleash an entire turn of orbital bombardments (orb. bomb. strategic asset taken, as well as 3 chapter masters), warhound, marine and tank fire. Utter destruction ensues, with almost half of the Tyranid forces being wiped out.

Second Turn Rolls around, and the Imperial Defenders gasp! The hordes seems to be without number, an endless tide of 'Nid doom!

To make matters worse, the Carnifex assault arrives, deepstriking perfectly in front the imperial bulwark!

The Mighty Guns of the Hymn of Mars and the Torthalion Artillery blast away, wiping out handfuls of 'Nids, proving the power of Imperial might!

But it matters not, for every hundred that fall, a thousand Gaunts scuttle forward to take their place....

In the 11th hour, the Crimson Fists Sternguard strike deep into enemy territory via drop pod, securing the Psyhound objective from the despicable bio organisms guarding it.


The Iron Wolves Vanguard Huscarls arrive, and along with the Crimson Fists company standard bearer, strike deep at the Tyranid masses, securing another Objective!

The Carnifexs barrel into Grim Hirsir's Honor guard and the Torthalion Guns.


With three to two objectives captured for the Imperials, Cantor and Grim raised powered guantlets in victory! But all was to be undone! In an act of lethal subterfuge, the Hive mind had hidden the fact that one if the Hounds it had captured was a powerful new mutated version of the Psyhound (vital objective). The game would be a tie!

The Mjolnir Crusades ground on for many years, with the final intervention of the Death Spectres and Honoured Sons Space Marine chapters finally breaking the back of the Hive fleet. With 4 chapters arrayed against it, the Hive Fleet was shattered, small splinter fleets limping back to the safety of the ghoul stars. But in one large hive vessel rested a chrysalis, containing a new genetic code. The Devourer would return, and it would evolve and grow until it devours all!!!!!

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Re: ~The Battle for Niflheimstadt~

Post  ice on Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:53 pm

Alas the Sterngaurd arrive!!!

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Re: ~The Battle for Niflheimstadt~

Post  System Commander on Sun Oct 19, 2008 6:20 pm

Sternguard are so tough, they don't even need arms to kick ass!

THanks for the report guys, looks like you had alot of fun. What strategic assets did you guys take and how many points was it total?
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Re: ~The Battle for Niflheimstadt~

Post  Administratum on Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:59 am

Nice report.

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Re: ~The Battle for Niflheimstadt~

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