Review of: How to Paint a Wraithknight

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Review of: How to Paint a Wraithknight

Post  Aegwymourn on Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:58 pm

So I have an Iyanden army I am about to start painting and not wanting to screw up such a massive model I decided to purchase the $2.99 ebook "How to paint a Wraithknight". What they should have called it was "How to give GW $2.99 and instantly regret it". It only covers a total of 4 different areas; the chest (twice), the head (twice), the front spirit stone, the back glyph. None of the "guide" had any real value other than pointing out which colors they might have used on a specific area. They don't even cover the base (which was one of the larger areas I was looking for help on). Really for how much the kit costs they could have included it and I would have liked it. Other than that totally not worth it. Oh and they spend one page suggesting colors for red (the main one is yellow).
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