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Post  Administratum on Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:03 pm

First off, props to Ryan G. who suggested a trade forum.

As for the rules, there are only a couple.

1. If you want to sell or trade something please include in the description:
a) If the item is New in box(NIB); only add this if the item is unassembled and unprimed or painted.
b) Painted or not painted, and a rough idea of what standard the paint job is ex) basic, tabletop, professional etc...
c) If the models are converted in any way
d) The edition the models were released for. If Andrew said he was selling an imperial guards army, someone would be rather suprised when they found out they bought a first edition army made of figs that are nearly 20 years old.. you get the point.
e) If you are looking for trades, specify what you are looking for. Try to be specific if possible.

2. I would prefer that all negotiations take place through the private message system.

3. If you sell or trade the item you have posted could you please put notice in the topic that it is no longer available, or notify one of the admin and we will remove the topic.

Thats it, happy trading.

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