new necron roster

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new necron roster

Post  dusktiger on Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:28 am

for those that don't have the new necron codex, here's a quick summary of the units:

HQ Choices:
-we start off with no less than 7 named characters, each one unique and making the army have a different feel.
-Lords are now called Overlords, and Destroyer Lords.
-Each lord and named character can take a royal court squad similar to a space marine command squad, consisting of 0-5 Lords, and 0-5 Crypteks. this means your 2 HQ choices can allow you to field up to 10 of the old lords.
-apart from 2 named characters, all the HQ choices are str 5, and usually tough 5 or 6, so no instant death from power fists.

Troops Choices:
-Warriors and Immortals are the choices of the day. both have identical stat lines, warriors cost 13pts/model, the immortals are 17pts/model.
-warriors have no optional wargear, immortals can upgrade to their new gun type for free.

-Ghost arks, holding 10 models
-Night scythes, holding 15 models, are are fast skimmers; looks like a crescent moon shaped jet fighter.
-command barge for an overlord

-Deathmarks, 19pts/model sniper unit, max 10 guys.
-Lychguards, 40pt/model max 10 guys, mean bodyguards for your lords
-Triarch Praetorians, 40pt/model, max 10 guys, jump infantry
-C'tan shards; the old c'tan gods, monstrous creatures, you pick 2 different powers for each one you take.
-Flayed one pack, 13pts/model, 20 guys max, they deep strike and infiltrate.
-triarch stalkers, 150pt open topped walker that starts with a gun that can shoot as either a heavy 2 multi-melta, or a heavy 1 heavy flamer.( this one looks cool in the pic and needs to be released as a model )

Fast attack:
-Wraiths, 35pts/model, start with 1 and go up to 6 guys. jump infantry, and have optional weapons including guns.
-scarabs, these can now reduce your armor value by 1pt on all sides each time they succeed in hitting you; if your armor reaches 0, its an auto-wreck result.
-tomb blades, 1-5 models, 20pts/model, jetbikes
-destroyers, 1-5, 40pts/model, heavy destroyers no longer exist as a heavy support unit, but are not an upgrade for this squad; up to 3 can be made into a heavy destroyer for an additional 20pts each.

Heavy support:
-doomsday ark, 175pt opentopped skimmer
-annihilation barge, 90pt open topped skimmer
-monolith, 200pts, heavy, tank, skimmer
-doom scythe, 175pt fast skimmer, looks like a moon shaped jet fighter as well.
-spyder, 50pts each, take up to 3, has optional wargear.

that's the short list of the new and revised units, lads.

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Re: new necron roster

Post  Roland on Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:18 am

As a note; the Royal Court is made up of Lords and Crypteks, it's basically wolf guard for necrons, as tehy can break off and lead infantry squads, giving your immortals, warriors and whatnot a sgt type.

The new fluff is actually good, and I'm honestly suprised how much it ties in with the previous Ward codexes (The Silent King's allying w/ the Blood Angels, Inquisitor Valeria's background and tesseract labyrith (a gift from Tazryn), etc).

They definately seem to be moving away from the mildless, Ah-nuld referenced Necrons. My only gripe is it seems all references to the Dragon and Mars, etc is gone. There's the one ref in the timeline that glances sideways at it, but nothing that furthers it along:/

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