The "1 Foot resting on a rock" Marine Pose

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The "1 Foot resting on a rock" Marine Pose

Post  dusktiger on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:35 pm

Hey guys, i've used this tutorial a few times myself, so i figured it could help the others here too! Originally Created by cathar the great.

This is a very simple conversion that involves nothing but bits and plastic glue. No Green Stuff. No Plasticard. I hope you like it!

First off:


-running Space Marine legs (from the assault squad)
-a piece of sprue
-a random bit to cover our sloppy work (see below)

Step One

Choose a pair of legs. All the variants in the Assault squad box should be fine. I used the ones on the right of the following picture, but the process is exactly the same with all of them.

Step Two

Carefully cut off the more angled leg and clean up the area.

Always be careful when using your hobby knife! I cut my thumb real bad while doing this tutorial because I was paying more attention to the Southpark episode I was watching than to what I was actually doing. Always cut AWAY from yourself if possible, and let the knife do the job. If you have to apply brute force when cutting something as thin as plastic soldier legs, you are using the wrong knife.

Step Three

Glue the legs back together at the angle you want it to be afterwards. Let the plastic glue dry for a couple of minutes. Donít worry about the gap in between for now.

Step Four

Time to fill that ugly gap. Take a small piece of sprue and cut/trim/file it into a small triangular shape that will fit in the gap between the legs. Then glue it in.
If it doesnít fit perfectly, wait for it to dry, then file and cut away the protruding edges.

Step Five

The gap between the legs is still not very pretty. Instead of actually worrying about that, we will cover it up!
Any large enough bit will do. I used a purity seal, but there are numerous things you could do. Use some of the scroll thingies or a pistol holster or give the marine a tabard that goes over the waist area.

Now for the

- Same as above, but youíll want different legs.
- I used these two sets of Possessed legs, as they seem to be made for this pose.

Step One

Glue the legs together at the angle you want them to be in the final pose.

Step Two

Fill the gap. The gaps on these legs are usually smaller than with the loyalist legs, so I skipped the gap filler here.
Just find yourself a nice chaosy bit to cover up the gap. I used chains and tabards and the like:

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