KD recipes

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KD recipes

Post  Commander James of the Ul on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:55 pm

This might be the most stupidest post I have ever made. lol Razz But It has come to my attention that school is in and KD is starting to be pretty boring. But if its all you can afford at the here is some helpful hints.
ITS CALLED KETCHUP... put it on the KD... lol
The MEAT MAN.... while the noodles are boiling through in some chopped up sausages or wieners. After staining the stuff and mixing the cheese mix, try shredding some blocked cheese (moz or havartie), and mixing it in until the cheese is melted through
The END OF THE WEEK FRIDGE CLEANER. this one be prepared for left overs. while the water is boiling fry up some meat. Any kind that may be at the back of the fridge or freezer, while the meat is frying throw in some onions, peepers, mushrooms, tomatoes what ever. And for god sakes season the meat parsley, Italian, Basil or Rosemary. After the meat and noodles are done put the meat in a oven worthy pan. then over top of it the KD, then shred some cheese over top (and put SOME Italian seasoning on the shredded cheese) throw it in the oven at 350-325 for 20 to 25 minutes or until the cheese is melted through. take it out and dig in.
The HOT DATE. DO NOT USE THE KD CHEESE MIX ON THIS ONE... DO NOT. And this one may cost a little more to make... but it has a 90 percent average that the meal end in the bed room... You need crab meat or the cheap fake stuff is what i use (just a different fish that tastes the same). Mushrooms and Philly cream cheese. Step one make the noodles BUT DO NOT ADD THE CHEESE MIX. In a pan at low to medium heat put in some chopped crab meat. Butter the hell out of it. and throw in some chopped Mushrooms ( try and use the ones used for stuffing aka bigger chunks) when the crab meat starts to brown a little put in a chunk or two of the Philly cream cheese and stur. when the cheese is melted your done put the noodles in with the crab and serve. I suggest you try this one out first before you test it out on some poor soul. lol I and if she doesn't like fish don't serve this up and think your going to get any. Your just screwing up the recipes ratio... dam it...

Any way hope this keep a couple of ya students feed just a little longer. and good luck

Commander James of the Ul

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Re: KD recipes

Post  Wapafish on Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:09 am

While I may not be a student, and I am not forced to eat one type of food for a solid week, these recipes still sound scrum-diddly-umptuous and i may have to try them out. LOL


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