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~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~

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~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~ Empty ~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~

Post  Paz Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:34 pm

Did up a quick tutorial for anyone interested in how I got the armor look of my alpha legion, a little insight on how I also "quickly" paint tabletop quality stuff.

1. Spray coat (I used GW White Primer)

2. basecoat of Vallejo Light Turquoise, Vallejo Intense Blue (50/50). I water all my paints down, this one especially, since I don't want a super thick layer, and the next step will darken everything.

3. Nuln Oil wash (black wash). This I apply lightly over the entire model. You'll note I haven't base colored any other details, this is because the drybrush step can be a bit messy.

~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~ C7AA8F96-5BA9-48E4-B459-8C08C7D4B1B4_zpscb36alzt

4. After the wash has thoroughly dried (don't use a hairdryer for this step, while it does help paints dry faster it causes a weird effect with GW washes, a glossy effect sometimes) I will drybrush on a layer of GW Sotek Green/GW Sybarite Green, at 50/50. *Drybrushing note- of course, do not add any water to your paints when drybrushing, and avoid mixing the colors on your wet palette, if using one. I make sure almost all the paint is gone from my brush (this takes longer, but if you skimp itll look blotchy!) and lighly brush on the layer, from the top down, aiming for areas I think light would hit primarily.

~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~ 0135BB37-1438-4BA8-8AB8-54CB55002621_zpsi2yfuaki

5. At this point its back to the washes. I use a GW blue wash. I water this down this wash, about 75/25 to water. this will bring the blue back into the shadows a bit.

~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~ 2E35F6D6-FBE6-4489-B8DC-9B2476AA71FA_zpsc5s6dr18

6. Then back to the drybrushing! Next up we have a 75/25 mix of sotek green to sybarite green (we want the highlights to be more green and the shadows more blue for a duo-tone look). Same steps as before. Again, go light!

~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~ 30640895-DF02-48C1-AB9A-E274E6CE5DF5_zps4hks8esk

7. Now she's coming together. The Final step is a line highlight of Sotek green with juuussst a smidge of Vallejo Deck tan, to lighten the highlight.
this Should be only on points where light would hit or reflect, dont go crazy and line every edge!

~How to Paint Alpha Legion Armor~ 31FC09FA-FD26-49C7-8D33-50EFD8F09263_zpsqxcbhbox

I'll try and do up some more Tutorials for the rest of the effects, like grime, metallics etc.

Hope this helps!

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