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Voting Guidelines - Please Read

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Voting Guidelines - Please Read Empty Voting Guidelines - Please Read

Post  System Commander Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:46 am

So, I just wanted to raise a few points regarding voting. There seems to be a few odd irregularities popping up on the polls and I just want to address them.

First, don't vote for your own entry. If you think it's the best..  cool..  I glad you like it but it does create a conflict of interest. I want all the entrants to be able to vote, but I want it done by the books. And please, just vote where you truly think the winners are. Don't not vote for someone because you think it will effect the overall totals, just vote the best! There's no money on the line here, just some imaginary points. Vote for who you truly believe did the best. And further to the point, look at all the entries without being attached a name. Vote purely on what you see and try to leave all biases aside. Don't vote your friend, or get your friend to log in and vote for you. I'd like to be to be purely subjective as much as possible.

If your voting for a mini in the best painted thread, and they didn't actually finish painting the mini, that should weigh against the other entries that our fully painted. If what they have painted is so impressive it outweighs the time and effort someone else put in for a fully painted mini, then definitely vote that way.

And lastly. We have a painting category, a conversion category, and an overall. For this competition, overall is a combination of conversion work AND painting, not just painting. So when your looking at the entries, for this competition, your best overall should be a combination of painting and conversion work.

I should of clarified these things sooner, some things I just assume are a given..   Smile If this note has prompted you to rethink how you initially voted, you are allowed to cancel/change your initial vote.
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