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Post  smackman Tue May 31, 2011 6:37 pm


The Summer of Slaughter

League starts up Wednesday 15th of June. Last day of play is August 31st. Play offs will start September 7th.

Games will be played at ANY points value below 2500pts, Doubles games may be played with up to 1250pts per player.
The standard force organization chart applies. No Forgeworld.
Your first game counts for the week, after that every game you play is worth 2pts + extra credit bonuses.
There will be a NEW SCENARIOS list up at the den, you roll 2d6 and it gives you a deployment, mission and secondary objective.

Your first game of the week will be scored in the following manner:
Absolute Butchery You table your opponent before the game ends + 15pts + Infinite Ridicule on the forums you cheesy =I=censor=I=!
Domination You win the primary and secondary objective + 15pts
Tactical victory You were only able to secure a primary objective + 12pts
Someones poisoned the watering hole You tied the primary objective but won the secondary + 9pts
Stone cold draw You and your opponent ran out of bullets and gave up + 7pts
Strategic withdrawal You let your enemy have the secondary objective only + 5pts
Punishing loss Your enemy won the primary objective and left you crying + 3pts
Thanks for showing up You lost every aspect of the game, but took it like champ + 1pt
Gore Blender You got tabled + 1pt + Tom tells you how bad you are at 40k

Teachers pet extra credit options:
Fully Painted Army No monochrome ninja's on the table + 5pts
In palm springs with my new friends Played a team battle + 4pts
Switch hitter Played a doubles game with a new partner + 3pts
Unemployed bum Already played a game this week + 2pts
Will you be my friend? Played someone for the first time this league + 1pt

Roll Deployment Primary Objective Secondary Objective
2 Dawn of War Strong Point Spy
3 Table Quarters Rat Race Spoils of War
4 Dawn of War Bone Collector Support Hunting
5 Pitched Battle Spoils of War Kill Points
6 Table Quarters Honor and Glory Support Hunting
7 Pitched Battle Strong point Spy
8 Dawn of War Spoils of War Support Hunting
9 Table Quarters Bone Collector Spy
10 Pitched Battle Rat Race Kill Points
11 Dawn of war Honor and Glory Spy
12 Table Quarters Strong Point Kill Points

Scenarios Explained

Strong Point - Roll d6 + 1 objectives, the team that has first turn places the first objective, then alternating back and forth between the two teams until all objectives are placed, before deploying. Any scoring unit holding the objective is treated as fearless, if a fleeing unit falls back through the 3" objective zone they automatically rally.

Rat Race - d6 + 2 objectives 12" apart from each other. Starting on turn 4 before the movement phase any objectives controlled by scoring units are removed from play, the owning team keeps this objective until the end of the game, the team with the most objectives collected wins.

Bone Collector - Every time a non-vehicle unit is wiped out one model is given to your opponent as a "bone counter" the team with the most "bone counters" at the end of the game wins.

Spoils of War - Each piece of area terrain counts as an objective, any non-vehicle unit may claim/contest a terrain piece by having at least 1 model inside the terrain piece. The team controlling the most terrain pieces at the end of the game wins.

Honor and Glory - Single objective at the center of the table, any non vehicle can claim objective.

Spy - Each player picks a single model, noted on a secret piece of paper, if killed this model the owning player/team is awarded the number of points equal to the turn on which he was killed. The team with the MOST amount of points wins because their spy has stashed more of his intel in dead drop locations before he was killed. A spy that survives the entire game is worth 7pts.

Support Hunting - Kill points but only heavy support and elites count.
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Post  System Commander Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:15 pm

Sorry dudes, I haven't updated the reporting form yet for the new league. Ill get on it ASAP. You can either PM me your last weeks results in the meantime if your scared your going to forget, or be patient. Ill get it updated tonight or tomorrow.
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