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senerio ideas

Post  Guest on Tue May 19, 2009 11:28 pm

i think we need some good ideas for the x-cam/recon points thing. i am of course referring to senerios, come on guys help robyn out he has to think up like 15, everyone pitch in and give there best senerio ideas i have 1 it is...

sir the enemy has taken the turret, our forces on the left side of the river are pinned down, by plasma fire what are your orders, commisair what do you think solider we take the turret back!!!

well there is terrain at the den with turrets we could use those. there is 1 at the center of the battlefield the objective is to take the turret whoever holds it wins, here is the twist the objective is a turret(duh), and you need at lest 3 men to operate it. but only 1 to hold it like an objective. you can fire it 2 ways like cannon kinda thing with range 36 and an ap of 1 and a strength of 10, or as an heavy 3 range 48 strength 6 ap 2. seem overpowered well yes it is if a 1 is rolled on either kind, (reroll with the multishot one but it will still be counted as a miss) when rolling to hit. then roll a d6 on a 4 + nothing happens, but on a roll of a 1,2,3 the unit holding the objective takes d6 strenth 10 ap 1 hits. and roll 2 d6 as if a tank were exploding but count it as strenth 5 ap 4.

anyone like (probobly not) but i am just throwing it out there i have always wanted to do some thing with those turrets.

Very Happy


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