My Febuary Stuffage

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My Febuary Stuffage

Post  Aervyper on Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:01 pm

Avatar (just need to do base)

Warp spiders (3 of 9)

Guardians (4 of 10)

For next month (Sly Marbo)

Well a day late and a dollar short. But enjoy

Febuary was Eldar month. I finished 12 Howling Banshee's and the above. Overall they are pretty good. The Avatar needs a wraithlord base to really make it shine. Guardians were pretty simple to do. The hardest thing for them was to choose a damn color. I knew that my aspects would be 99% GW colors but the guardians and vehicles i had no idea which way to go. My final choice of blue shades appeals to me and it's nice to see a good start in my painted models. Tonight i gotta finish up a test Chaos Nurgle Marine. Since i'm out in the boondocks i included my unpainted Sly Marbo. Hopefully come the end of March i'll have him all painted up. Enjoy, positive or negative give a shout. I'm pleased with their overall outcome so i can't complain. However having the Warp Spiders done and all their damn gems behind me is for the very least a good thing....


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Re: My Febuary Stuffage

Post  Timbo on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:17 am

Very nice Quenton! I like the colour scheme on the guardians. The warp spiders look ready to warp down a chimney. I know for sure the Tau have been naughty! Very Happy
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