League Prizes

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League Prizes

Post  System Commander on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:43 am

Here's a list of prizes form this leagues funds. We had $100 to disperse this time with the additional support from Dragons Den.

1st - Matt Kerr - $40
2nd - Pascal - $25

So, that leaves $35 for door prizes, Ive decided to go with 2. One for $20 and one for $15. Everyone who paid league was eligible for these. The winners for those, drawn randomly, are..

$20 - Jesse Udchic
$15 - Chris H

I'll send Dragons Den a list of these and it should be ready the next you go in. You'll be able to use this for store credit on anything.. but if you dont use it for 40K.. I will now....

Congrats again to the winners, especially to Matt K who came into his first league and won the whole thing!

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