~Deathwatch army for sale!!!!~

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~Deathwatch army for sale!!!!~

Post  Paz on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:24 pm

Have you always wanted to serve the holy Emperor but thought "there aaaare a lot of xenos out there tho..."? Have no fear, the Deathwatch is here!

This is a complete 40k army, with everything you need to play this elite force of Inquisitorial Alien Hunters! Pulled from the ranks of many chapters, these Astartes are  the best of the best, with the most powerful and deadly weapons to make those necrons, tau, eldar or orks cry!

This is about 1750 worth of miniatures, plus all the additional supplemental material! At 50% off price, plus free bases and super detailed conversion work, and fully loaded with GW special bases!

Included: (each miniature is either primed, or base plastic, one fully painted fig. They all black anyway!)

-Codex: Deathwatch
-Deathwatch tactical objective deck
-6 deathwatch-themed maelstrom objectives, custom made!
-4 HQ options, including: A chaplain, A Captain, and two librarians!
-An Elites dreadnought with plasma cannon!
-2 6-man Troop units of Veterans, with all the fixins!
-4 gorgeous bikes, customized to individual chapters, and with relic power weapons of their respective chapters!
-5 Vanguard Vets!
-A massive unit of 5 DW terminators, with 3 (THREE) cyclone missile launchers, and two Thunder hammer/shield bros!


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