BWB changes (shipping international)

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BWB changes (shipping international)

Post  Roland on Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:44 am

Discovered a few things over the holidays.

As of the 1st, Warstore changed their shipping. +$1 to ship anywhere in the US, but the biggee. They now offer several different options for shipping to Canada, including a bubble mailer for small bits orders (only like $3-4 for small orders.) They only go to the expensive $20+ international shipping on big orders. This may change things up for any orders we do in the future.

For those who like GF9, they ship to canada quite cheap and have no markup for canada. For stuff the Den doesnt stock, this could be an option (tho I think it may be close to just have Darren order things, in which case I'd personally go that route).

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