CSM several games in

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CSM several games in

Post  System Commander on Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:54 pm

So I've gotten a fair chunk of games under my belt with the new chaos book. Most of the games I've won have been really close games. When I say close, I also mean really weird and odd. I'll explain some of the odd things that I've happen below.. but trust me, very odd. The ones I've lost have been complete blowouts.

I've played against Necrons, Grey Knights, Tyranids, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and other Chaos Marine lists.

I've stuck with the same list for awhile here, altering a few things here and there and have had reasonable success with it in it's current incarnation. I lost badly to Mark's Necrons and Beau's Deathwing.

Khorne Lord on Jugg with super Axe
Nurgle lord in Terminator Armour with Burning Brand

8 Berserkers with Icon
7 Plague marines with 2 Plasma
10 Cultists
10 Cultists

4 Spawn
Heldrake w/Baleflamer

Predator w/ Lascannons
Land raider with Dirge/dozer
Land raider with Dirge/dozer

The Berserkers and Plagues sit in the Landraiders and... wait. Landraiders and Predator try to knock out anything that can hurt them. I try to send the Heldrake after troops whenever I can. The Khorne Lord goes for anything that can take out my own troops reasonably well. The Nurgle Lord almost always deep strikes in go for either troops in the backfield or something the other stuff cant get at.

So like I said, I've had some odd games. Most of my games I have no idea what's going to happen until the last turn. It's just been so weird, and I dont know if thats the result of 6th edition, or the Chaos book. I think it's a combination of the both. THe random things from 6th (objectives, missions, warlord traits, charges) couples with the random things from the chaos book (boon table) has combined for some weird happenings.

Last night for example. I assaulted Tom's destroyer Lord and wraths with my Khorne lord and spawn. I challenge with my lord, hoping to take the lord out fast before scarabs can effect him. I get ten attacks, 5 hits and needing two's to wound, I rolled 4 1's. After some scrambling back and forth, avoiding the death ray I was able to take the lord out. I rolled the d3+1 boons and get 4. Eternal warrior, shred, shrouding, and something else. I dont remember because the next round, his lord stood up again. I passed scarabs, take him out and turn into a Daemon Prince... just as the Grey Knights assault in. Yipee.

Thats just one example of a bunch of bizarre back and forth things I've experienced with the chaos book. Things look good, then bad, .. then good and bad. It keeps things exciting but is damn stressful most of the time.

One thing has become apparent over my ten games though. The Heldrake always does something fantastic, and he's damn hard to kill. The landraiders (especially 2 of them) are extremely beneficial to hide my expensive guys from shooting, and taking out stuff with their lascannons. They've done really well against flyers in general. And lastly, the cultists coming in later in the game to steal or hold and objective for 50 points each is invaluable. If I'm lucky enough, the cult troops have been hiding long enough in the landraiders that people are still worried about them and not to concerned about the cultists. If between the two of them I can get one objective, I'm happy.

I have also learnt that Beserkers will let me down every single game. They're good with Kharne leading them, but a squad of 8 on their own have been having a tough time.

I know Mark has had some bizarre games himself, any other chaos players experiencing the same?

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Re: CSM several games in

Post  Roland on Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:57 pm

Same. Wins are close wins, loses are either close loses to another chaos list, or a blowout.

I don't know about the list Mark took against you BTW, but I'd consider that DW list I took against you very strong, particularly vs PA lists. (Its the 1750 Jinxed DA in the Army List subforum).

Chaos vs Chaos seems like is has a "Weirdness will happen" rule. EVERY Chaos vs. Chaos match I've had, has has something wEiRd happen.

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