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Grey Knight Allies

Post  Planes on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:44 am

I did some farting around to see what in all I could field, should I decide to take Grey Knights as Allies and wanted to field as much plastic as possible. What amazed me was the freaking Dreadnought ended up being the cheapest unit, and the list ended up sitting very close to the 1500 mark.


Librarian, Warding Staff, Psybolt, Master Crafted. 195 pts


Terminators x10, Psycannon, Psilencer, Brotherhood Banner, Psybolt. 485 pts


Purifiers x10, Incinerator x4, Warding Staff, Halbred x4, Psybolt, Hammer. 298 pts

Fast Attack:

Interceptors x10, Psycannon x2, Falchions x7, Psybolt. 370 pts

Heavy Support:

Dreadnought, Twin Linked Autocannons x2, Psybolt, Search Light. 136 pts

Total: 1484 pts

Now that I have looked at Crowe for long enough to realize what he does, I am somewhat keen to run him as an HQ instead to put those Purifiers as a Troop Choice. I am quite fond of being able to combat squad all those 10 man squads in order to better distribute my shooting and more readily contest/control objectives.

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