IG items for sale

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IG items for sale

Post  Selik on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:34 pm

IG items up for sale

1 x forge world hydra $43.00 - built, primed, with guns on magnets

1 x vendetta - $50.00

1 x hellhound - $40.00 - built, painted, with multi melta

1 x leeman russ - $45.00 - built painted, with hvy bolter sponsons, lascanon hull wp

3 x scout sentinels - $40.00 - all 3 built, 2 painted one not primed

1 x basilisk - $30.00 - built, painted

total for all itmes $248 if I sell them seperately.

if you buy the whole lot I will let it go for $200.

please PM me if interested.

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