White Dwarf changes

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White Dwarf changes

Post  System Commander on Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:06 pm

So, it looks like there are some changes in store for White Dwarf again. The magazine has dwindled off in popularity, primarily because of the lack of hobby content in the last couple of years. Besides some sneak peeks of upcoming figures and a battle report every issue, the White Dwarf has been lacking and usually just filled with advertising for GW itself. It looks like they might be going back to some of the old types of formats with Golden Demon coverage, terrain/converting workshops, and they have even said they'll start publishing some rules again in the White Dwarf. With Black Gobbo shut down, let's hope White Dwarf can fill in.

Hopefully good news for the community as a whole. I believe there are some big changes in mind at GW as the company struggles to fight the declinging sales problem they've suffered during the past 4 years.

As well, the new White Dwarf and Bell of Lost Souls shows some sneak peeks of the upcoming Apocalypse Reloaded book introducing a batch of new datasheets. Now, I've been telling people about the possible appearance of Angron in the new datasheets, but nor the GW one, the upcoming September Forgeworld one. So, keep an eye out for that. What this also means.. Forgeworld will more than likely be releasing an Angron miniature......... tee hee.

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