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SOB test

Post  Selik on Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:46 pm

So I had my first game testing out my SOB 1750pt list.

st celestine - she rocks, she is esily wounded when hit with the hvy wps (such as an orbital bombardment) but she comes back and can easily decimate an entire squad of marines/assault marines.

Jacobus with battle conclave in an immolator - the immolator with hvy flamers may not be the best choice, I think the mult meltas on it may perform better. but the 6 man battle conclave and him took on a 7 man termie assault squad and faired very well.

battle sisters - the Faith for them is somewhat useless, they are basiclly easy to wound marines and need to be in a transport at all costs

seraphim - easy to get wounded, I expected them to perform better than they did, although for point cost effective enough and performed as I expected.

exocists - still one of the best tanks in the game imo, it still performs as it did prior to the update.

dominions - performance in a ten man squad with scout, proved to be the best squad on the table, I had a mix of 2 flamers and 2 meltas, this made the squad very versitile and I killed many SM with this squad alone as well as a tank. A+ for this unit

retributers - I made a big mistake with them....I forgot to field them, although I expect them to perform well for the point cost of a hvy wps squad.
the whole 6++ is a waste, with the amount of cover that you can get I do not find it useful, at least you do not have to pay for it as an upgrade. over all the army performed as I though it would. easy to get wounded and depend on your spec. characters. I am looking forward to testing the list out again soon

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