Selling my Chaos Space Marines of Khorne

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Selling my Chaos Space Marines of Khorne

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:38 pm

Selling all of my chaos space marines, going to keep the nids, but getting more into Hordes/Warmachine.

Here's the list:

50 Khorne Berzerkers - All in good condition, about 2 thirds painted in the colors of Khorne, they are all assembled.

2 Chaos Rhinos - Painted in the colors of Khorne, quite good looking, with skulls, and spikes and everything bloody!

1 C. Vindicator - Well painted, front end needs to be re-glued but good otherwise.

10 Old Plague Marines - Khorne colors

1 Older Daemon Prince - 1 Wing broken off, axe broken off, can be re-glued very easily, in the colors of Khorne

1 Kharn the Betrayer - Head is detached, again, an easy fix, very nice paint job.

5 Possessed CSM - Older but very daemonic nonetheless.

1 Codex!

Many little bits n pieces included Razz

We can discuss a price, send me a PM on the forums. I'm also going to the den from 4 today till closing.


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