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~Summer/Fall league- ESCALATION~

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~Summer/Fall league- ESCALATION~ Empty ~Summer/Fall league- ESCALATION~

Post  Paz Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:28 am

It's that time of the year again dudes!
We will be playing escalation, 8th ed. rules
Pretty simple one this time.
Reply below if you want to be part of the league
Stop by the den and pay your league dues, $5!
This nets you a sick 10% discount at the den, one box of Marines and you've made your league money back!
You can begin reporting games as of Sunday, July 2nd.
I will have a reporting form up, linked here and on Facebook.
We will begin with 1000 pts, and increase each two weeks
Weeks 1-2: 1000
Weeks 3-4: 1250
Weeks 5-6: 1500
Weeks 7-8: 1750
Weeks 9-10: 2000
Weeks 11-12: Free for all!

This twelve-week system will help new players!
Please advertise to your buddies, be part of the league and help 40k grow into the 8th beast it can be!

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