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Rules we got wrong- ToonCon ed.

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Rules we got wrong- ToonCon ed. Empty Rules we got wrong- ToonCon ed.

Post  Roland Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:14 am

A smattering of stuff that came up.

Area terrain- hills aren't area terrain. Neither are ruins unless they have a base, and then only the bottom level. Everything else must be 25% obscured to claim a cover save.

Vehicles can't claim area terrian. They always require 25% obscured.

Flyers can claim cover from terrain, but its usually hard to do. As vehicles, they cannot claim cover from simply being in area terrain.

I had ruled Soaring MC's couldn't claim area terrain (basically treating them like flyers). I was looking for it and can't find a rule, so I was wrong and they can. This seems intrinsically wrong. (You fly over a forest, do not have to make difficult or dangerous terrain, but if shot at you can not only came cover, but go to ground.)

Quad guns- Can someone manning a quadgun use it to overwatch? Also, the BRB says they are automatically hit in close combat, but have T7, 2W and a 3+ save.... so if you assault the gun and the squad manning it, its a disordered charge?
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