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ToonCon 2013 Results

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ToonCon 2013 Results - Page 2 Empty Re: ToonCon 2013 Results

Post  Guest Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:21 pm

I rather enjoyed the event. My 4 HQ's Ran into Tyson's 6 and his proffered Orks as their enemy =(

Either way we were beaten out by Flying Circus.

I can easily go either way with Double FOC, if people don't want it at 2000, then I think we should make events 1999 to be clear. Just so that people who just hear 2000 pts arn't caught off guard.

As for Sports, I also sit on the fence. I don't mind the checklist, but I remember a couple of months ago where I docked Trevor a point for forgetting a tape measure, when I would have given him 100% pts for sportsmanship that game. Otherwise I have never really had issues with the chart.

I also liked what I think was the double's tourney where it was 0/7/10 points. Also, I don't mind the pick a # from 1-10 and write it down. If I had to throw a vote down, I think I liked the 0/7/10 best for simplicity.

As for Scenarios, I think they were too wordy. Game-wise they worked 100% fine, but that was after navigating the text.

All in All, a very enjoyable event!!!
Thanks 'Roland' =)


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ToonCon 2013 Results - Page 2 Empty Re: ToonCon 2013 Results

Post  Roland Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:07 pm


I believe people have been calling it 1999+1 to clarify its single FOC. Its not that big a deal, as we may have time enough to do a 2000 pt tourney twice a year. If most people are going to bring single FOC and noone cares one way or the other.... keep it simple.

The scenarios I think were good but needed slight tweaks. Formatting would have helped a lot, but I was printing those at midnight, so....

Yes they could have been less wordy, but not by much.

I think the first mission would have been better with all 3 obj in no mans land, either in vanguard or pitched battle. likely wouldve traded pitched battle with the kill point mission.

The out of slot scoring/extra KP rules needed clarification. (and proofreading)

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