Control battle #3

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Control battle #3

Post  System Commander on Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:43 pm

So, me and Joe played yesterday afternoon in the third control battle of the league. This was my challenge so a control point was at stake for me.

It was definitely a big one with 5000 points per side. Joe was playing primarily Marines with assist from a Eldar Revenant Titan.. against me playing Chaos and an assit with a Khorned out Baneblade.

Joe bid a whopping 1 minute for set-up time so got set-up first and take the first turn.

I'll save all the gory details, but the good guys won this day.. I brought a fairly big chunk of firepower to the table in the form a landraider, vidicator, predator, oblits, defiler, baneblade, and 16 termies with a healthy portion or meltas. I just couldn't get that Revenant down. With the holo fields, it was able to ignore the first 4 pen/glances I had against until I finally damaged its drive in the 2nd turn. I was a bit excited come the third when I got another drive damaged and immbilized it.This meant that it would no longer be able to take any holo field rolls. It wouldnt matter though, as all my next damage would be to the primary wepoons which Joe was able to pass as well.

So, after 6 turns I had nothing left save for a couple squads in rhinos. The revenant was still firing away though, and it was a matter time before he finished what I had left, along with the other 2500 points of units still left on the table.

I did learn a valuable lesson though.. I really wish I would of brought the 888 bloodthirster though.. I needed something to get to that titan quick and beat it up.

Good game Joe, next time I'll have the cunning plan though, so watch out!
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