League end date - Sept 2nd

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League end date - Sept 2nd

Post  System Commander on Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:08 pm

Ive set the end of the league for Sept 2nd.

Now, how to handle the play-offs with the new league format. What I'm thinking about is a model along these lines:

- The top 8 players in Control points then Strategic points enter the play-offs. (Control points first, then strategic)
- All unused recon points at the end of the league will be transferred to strategic points at a rate of 1 strategic point per 5 recon points.
- Any Control points you have can be used in the play-offs
- Lists will be 1750 points

This is sort of what I'm looking at now. I was thinking of only including players with the highest totals in Strategic points for the playoffs, that way you'd have to decide if you thought the Control points was worth the sacrifice during the league. Do I go for the Control point to have the advantage in the rest of all my games, or stockpile the Strategic points for the play-offs total. I want people to play control games though, so I think I might to organize it the above way.

What do yo guys think about it? I'm open for discussion and suggestions!
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Re: League end date - Sept 2nd

Post  Timbo on Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:16 pm

Control points are hard to get. I'd go with the original way. It encourages people to play more control games which is a good thing.
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