Proposed rules changes - League

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Proposed rules changes - League

Post  System Commander on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:54 am

So, I'm thinking about switching up a couple rules that are running the league right now.

The first one is what we we were tlaking about before regarding different armies. I love the idea of issuing challenges with your main army, but then being to accept challenges with a different army if you need to change it up or your opponent requests it. As long as it doesn't get goofy, we'll start using this right away.

The second rule I'm going to change up is the points generated from strategic challenges. I'm not pleased with how quickly the strategic points are gathering up and how many control games have been played. So far, only two control games have gone through. I'm going to bump up the strategic points gained from playing strategic games.

Both can start effective today.
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