Rules for ensuring a great game of 40K

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Rules for ensuring a great game of 40K

Post  System Commander on Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:50 am

So, after my game last night, I was sharing with the fellas who was having a beer with me my thoughts on what I believe makes for a great game of 40K. Not just a good game, but a GREAT game!

A) Winning
Being a good loser is important, but you always feel a bit better when you win.. thats why we play a competitive game. Or maybe just happy when your newly painted unit does something remarkable or cool.. whatever it is, the games alot funner when things go your way.

B) Wiping out your opponent's army
So, this might not always be the best case scenario for a great game.. but playing with such skill and tactical genius that your able to wipe out your entire opponent's army is impressive indeed. Unless they're taking it hard, it can be fun. It's especially satisfying when your opponent is fielding 9 vehicles, and you only have a handful of anti-tank guns... yet you destroy everyone of those vehicles.. with hand to hand troops!

C) All of the above, and your opponent is Stash.
Yes, it's true. In the spirit of Conan.. What is best in Life?
Winning your Warhammer game. Tabling your opponent. Having that opponent be Stash.

Now that I've done my job and gave Stash a good burn.. (Boo-yah!), onto other topics.

I sure see a notable change in my game when I don't play 40K for awhile or even switch between two game systems, in this case Bloodbowl. I haven't played with the Chaos list for a little while, and sure suffered last night. I forgot about about 4-5 rules all in a row. I forgot to roll difficult terrain for an Oblit assault, I moved my daemons after they came in a full 6" instead of rolling for their run move. I almost got pulled off the objective by a little tiny guardsmen.. and on and on. It's a good thing Stash and some other people were around keeping an eye on me, it was ugly. So, that being said I have to play more 40K this time around.

And to touch on the game last night against Stash.. yes I won, and yes he was tabled.. but luck was flying out my butt last night. Everything was going my way from deep strikes, to armor saves, to shooting rolls. Stash had one good round of shooting where two plasma gunners took out 4 terminators.. but besides that all the luck was on my side of the table. I think I saw Stash's eye tear up a bit when my lone autocannon took out his Vendetta on the first shot of the game...

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